Molecular Diagnosis


MammaTyper® is a standardised multiplex real-time qPCR assay co-developed by Shuwen and BioNTech (Germany). The assay kit allows pathologists to amplify, detect and quantify the mRNA expression status of 6 genes to most appropriately and accurately subtype breast cancer in the patients (as recommended by St Gallen, 2013 and subsequent updates).


The RDS® Tumor DNA Recombination Repair Defect Assessment system is the first quantitative assay to independently predict prognosis and efficacy of DNA damaged therapies for ER negative breast cancer.

MTHFR Genetic Test Kit

Explore the individual metabolic capacity of folic acid to establish personalized supplement scheme, which contribute to birth defects reduction and disease prevention.

Nucleic Acid Extraction & Purification Kit

Cerca nucleic acid extraction and purification kit releases nucleic acid in tissue sections through lysis solution, binding solution system makes efficient combination of nucleic acid and magnetic bead, and obtains high purity, stable quality nucleic acid through the unique washing system.

Cerca NAP-T8

Cerca NAP-T8 is an automatic nucleic acid extractor developed by Shuwen Biotech, and used for nucleic acid extraction, enrichment, and purification from FFPE samples using magnetic bead mediated selective adsorption mechanism. The extracted DNA or RNA can be used for molecular pathological detection such as qPCR, Next-generation sequencing (NGS)