Launching this World Cancer Day, 4th February 2023 

Every two minutes someone in the UK is diagnosed with cancer, with 1 in 2 people being diagnosed with some form of cancer during their lifetime[+2 Source: Cancer Research UK ]. With new technologies and treatments, cancer survival is continually improving and has doubled in the last 40 years, with half of all people surviving for ten years or more.

This World Cancer Day ITN Business is launching ‘Working Together: To Tackle Cancer’, a news-style programme anchored by presenter, Simon Thomas from the ITN London studios. The programme showcases the work and achievements of charities and organisations in the sector, and the ground-breaking treatments and technologies helping to tackle the disease.

The programme explores the cutting-edge research and healthcare technologies leading the charge in prevention, detection and treatment and how early diagnosis and a collaborative approach are key to a better future for patient outcomes.

‘Working Together: To Tackle Cancer’ features interviews and insights from leading charities and organisations including, Blood Cancer UK, Breast Cancer Now, the British Association of Surgical Oncology (BASO), Macmillan Cancer Support, Prostate Cancer UK and Teenage Cancer Trust.
The programme also features sponsored reporter-led films from organisations working hard to improve patient outcomes:

*Accord Healthcare – are working hard to try and improve the quality of life for cancer patients and are looking to innovative digital solutions to help them access better care and support.
*Cancer Research UK – explain how they have the potential to reduces Cervical Cancer cases to the point where almost no one develops it.
*Cerca Biotech – share a test they have produced to aid patients in receiving the targeted treatment plan they are most likely to respond to.
*Daiichi Sankyo – genetic testing is paving the way for a new generation of future treatment options, but also unearthing new challenges.
*Gilead Sciences – discuss how they are working to reduce health inequalities in cancer, to give patients the best possible outcome, no matter what their circumstances.
*Sanofi – highlights the need for multi-stakeholder collaboration to develop a sustainable solution for making combination therapies available on the NHS for cancer patients who need them.
*Varian – discuss the impact of radiotherapy and potential delays for patients, and how new advance can improve the patient journey going forward.

Nina Harrison-Bell, Head of ITN Business, said: “With so many of us affected by cancer, this has been a really important and poignant programme to create. By sharing content from the leading cancer